Main Causes Of Stress – Why Stress Causes Hair Loss

Main Causes Of Stress And Reasons : Stress Causes


managerial stress or office tension

Stress is a self defence mechanism created by the body to counter attack the external disturbances.The term external coressponds to one's dealing with:

  1. People Around
  2. Environment
  3. Situations
  4. Health and work conditions

which are direct or indirect Stress Causes or Reasons of Stress

Events of Stress

eg. Managerial Position

You work hard, sweat your ass,go home late,work late nights,have sleepless nights….!

One fine day ( Day of apprisal..or Hike ) you are given a bad Grading (Report Card) by the manager and you feel:

    1. People Around
    2. Environment
    3. Situations
    4. Health and work conditions

The problem becomes very serious when you see that your collegues get a good hike and you are fked up.

“this actually gives psycologically a lot of load on the brain”

Not only that ,.. but if you are given unacceptable reasons for the bloody dismal greeding, it sucks…!

1. Relationship issues:

Love is a boon & bane. Love is a sweet feeling like a sugar cane, but if things go wrong its like swallowing a cynide pill.

The issue is that either you have to cope with love failure or else the relationship isuue can be psycologically depressing

Basically relation shp issues are mostly of the same type in most cases.

You got to work on anything to achieve, Love is no exception. Everything takes effort. Nothing is freeYou gotta work on it

2. Health Issues:

One of the major stress causes in old age. Minor or major health issues can be a lot stressfull to deal with. After certain age if people come to know of certain health issues like diabetics ,high Blood pressure, Amnesia which have little scope to improve or get cured in a span of time. It may last upto life also. It can be really psycologically stressful.

3. Family Conflicts:

Family issues or conflicts are a part and parcel of life.Issues can range from family quarrels on property dispute to ealing with teen kids.Kids problem stuff are bit challenging to solve .Familiy events of stress have be dealth delicately as they are fragile like glass. You got to work on them


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