Trichotillomania or Hair Pulling

Hair pulling – Leading Baldness

Trichotillomania or Hair pulling is an acute case of hair loss where people end up in pulling their hair from their head knowingly or unknowingly, in most cases its unknowingly .Here the person involved psycologically does pulling hair or TTL without his own consent.

If you ask him why he was pulling his hair….He doesn’t even know such things would ever have happened.

Pulling of hairs or hair snatching is more pronounced in teens , where hormonal issues come into picture on a larger view point.Not only the former, but a persons mentality is also more channelized into this phenomenon. Usually the Trichotillomania or pulling of hair pattern is meant in the cases of Tension, Stress, Worries or under Heavy Study or Heavy work load.

Some of the reasons of Trichotillomania or Hair pulling can be summarised as:

1. Heavy Study or Work Load

This is more prevalent in the mainframe stage of study career wherein they face interstate examinations in Higher Secondry school 10th ot 12th.Students during examination times do not get time to even scratch their ass. But someguys in the act of thinking scratch their heads. In the process of scratching we start pulling our hair , something difficult from scratching heads.

2. Stress and Tension:

Same scenario as before:

  • Stress = Scratch Head
  • Scratch Head = Pulling Hair
  • Pulling Hair = Hair Loss

Stress in General

Stress basically heats up the head. In order to cool it people start scratching and pulling hair. In a span of time what happens is that prolonged pulling might lead to weakening of hair roots.And may cause the scalp damage, hence preventing the hair growth ,eventually leading to baldness. This is called as Trichotillomania hair loss or pulling hair loss.


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